Vault is Bali’s first underground nightclub. Vault requested me to design and develop a new website for them. The client needed a web application that allowed them to login and add, edit and delete (CRUD) components of the website. is a PWA built in Rails + React. A job platform app for models, influencers, photographers and videographers. Users can create profiles showcasing their portfolios, add jobs and apply to jobs. The client asked me to contribute both to the frontend and backend of the project.


I am currently working with the team on data visualization and reporting (postgreSQL, Golang, TypeScript.js & Vue.js) for the main software project, the Property Management System, as well as UI and UX design and design consistency.


Pi is a data analytics company based in Wellington, South Africa. The client requested a new website to be designed and developed from scratch. The website is designed to give a feeling of expansiveness.

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